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Altran signs up to CENFIM


We really believe in the future that the Contract Channel may offer in terms of business for those companies dedicated to the Decoration, and in our case, to the curtain accessories and drapery hardware. And for this reason we have signed up to CENFIM.

CENFIM is devoted to fostering the innovation in the Furniture sector and the Habitat (Home Decoration) field. It is very focused in helping  large companies to improve and strengh their relationships in the Contract Channel, and to the building of hotels.  It creates the incentive to professional training and business meetings, making a huge contribution to the sector development.  

Thanks to this partnership, CENFIM and ALTRAN will be able to interact with some other companies, nourishing themselves with competitive advantages, and increasing the leadership positioning in the sector of the Home Curtain Decoration. 

The Exhibition InteriHotel Barcelona specialized in the Hotels interior design,  to be celebrated next 25-27 Oct , it means the first international event where both companies will meet each other openly. 

If you are interested in visiting the professional event, do not hesitate to contact us.

CENFIM: furniture cluster and home interiors innovation centre. CENFIM enhances the competitiveness of companies in the home furnishing sector (products for creating homes and collective spaces) by promoting partnership activities, innovation projects, company training and service provision.

CENFIM is a non-profit foundation run by business associations CENFIM es una fundación sin ánimo de lucro promovida por asociaciones empresariales relacionadas con la decoración, hábitat y formación. 

Since it was founded in 2006, CENFIM has specialized in:

Marketing innovation:

Contract channel: consulting and training for companies operating in the hotel contract channel

E-commerce: online trading implementation strategy.

Brand management and advertising on social media


Eco-design: designing products with a lower impact, with lifecycle analysis

Chain of custody training for technicians

Export: consultancy for implementation in emerging markets: promotion of export consortia and showrooms

Company and occupational training: training for executives and company technicians in areas related to marketing, designand production

Key CENFIM projects include:

InteriHOTEL: meeting point for the hotel interior design marketplace. An event designed for manufacturers of contractproducts, operators offering a comprehensive range, opinion leaders and hotel chains

Contract showroom: setting up showrooms designed for opinion leading in the contract channel, shared by severalmanufacturing companies. Casablanca (Morocco) and Barcelona:

ECO4VET: content creation for eco-design training (funded by the European Commission)

FURNITSAVER: Digitization of furniture sales through augmented and virtual reality

ECOINHAB: development of new business lines related to eco-innovation

Materials Library: collection of innovative materials for use in home furnishing and interior design products

CENFIM has over 100 associated companies from home furnishing sectors: furniture, floorings, bathrooms, home fabrics, lighting anddecoration). The companies that are associates of CENFIM take part in working groups of businesspeople. They are preferentialpartners on the projects undertaken and they receive regular updates about innovation in the sector.