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¡Heimtextil aprueba nuestra participación en el Green Directory de empresas respetuosas!

Being at ease with the environment and with Nature is necessary to continue living on this planet. The economic benefits are important but nothing will be useful to our children if it stops raining and droughts are produced increasingly, devastating tornadoes, hurricanes in different areas of the Earth, all due to the undeniable Climate Change that we currenlty live. To proclaim that one's in favour of the Nature is fine, but it is useless if YOU do not help us all to protect the Planet. Cheer up! Only with the container recycle function we can make at home you will already be doing a lot for you and for all of us ... and we thank you for it.

 There are lots of certificates around that document corporate commitment to sustainability from the raw material over the production up to the usage and further processing of products. The identification system in the Green Directory guarantees a clear orientation. A quick glance at the eco leaves in the directory will tell you about the main areas of focus of each supplier’s sustainability portfolio.*

Altran Solutions appears in the Official guide of Green Directory as:

Green leaf: Eco-friendly materials are for example recycled, certified organic, from renewable sources with low environmental impacts throughout their lifecycles or from eco optimised synthetic fibres.

Heimtextil, the fair with the largest numbers of visitors, exhibitors and Professionals dedicated to the textiles (home linen, curtains, motorized systems, cutting and sewing machines etc ), that will celebrated in 2018 9-12th in Frankfurt (Germany), approves our entry to the "ECO-FRIENDLY" Program, giving our company the category of environment-friendly.

Heimtextil believes that the business values betting on the environment respect t are key factors for the future of the planet. Therefore, it publishes an official guide where according to the information provided by the manufacturer, in this case by Altran, approves and authorizes companies that meet some specific requirements to participate in this Green Directory guide.

WE ARE VERY PROUD of working with wood coming from sustainable timber, fibers from recycled raw materials, and of course to recycle all material used in the manufacture of our rails and curtain rods.